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Pornanong Phatlum

Born on 1st February, 1989 in San Kamphaeng district of Chiang Mai province, Thailand, Pornanong Phatlum, also known as “Waen,” is a notable figure in today’s women’s golf. Her journey from a rural town in Thailand to the esteemed greens of global golf tournaments is nothing short of remarkable and is a testament to her exceptional prowess, unshakeable tenacity, and immense passion for golf.

Names like Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, or Greg Norman may be familiar to the casual sports enthusiast, but Phatlum is creating waves in the women’s golf space. She started playing at the tender age of nine, under the guidance of her father, a passionate golfer. Her early start clearly reflected in the string of regional victories and led her further to the vast golf stage internationally.

One thing about Phatlum that never goes unnoticed is her consistency. After turning professional in 2006 at just 17, she made a pronounced impact on the Ladies Asian Golf Tour (LAGT) by clinching her inaugural professional title at the Singha Thailand LPGA Championship. Moreover, she won the Women’s Indian Open two years in a row, testifying her consistency.

Phatlum also displayed significant potential in the more challenging Ladies European Tour (LET) by winning the Women’s Indian Open in 2008 and 2009 consecutively. She enjoyed further success in 2012, when she clinched the HSBC Brasil Cup, obtaining a maiden win on the LPGA Tour.

Her performances alone reflect the impressive talent she possesses, but they don’t capture the determination, grit, and perseverance she embodies. To shine in such a highly competitive sport and rise through the ranks isn’t simple. Phatlum has shown an uncanny ability to focus mind and body, understand her game, and maintain her composure under tremendous pressure, which forms part of the psychological make-up of every successful golfer.

There is a certain charm and distinctness when Phatlum swings her club. The rhythmic swings and walks between holes carry an air of dedication, persistence, and calm. Moreover, she remains philosophical about the game, often stating that success lies in keeping a positive attitude, no matter how empowering the passion or how daunting the competition.

Phatlum’s standout performance came during the 2018 Women’s British Open. After leading the tournament for three straight rounds, she took second place, right after England’s Georgia Hall. Despite not finishing first, her performance is regarded as one of the most impressive exhibitions in recent women’s golf history.

In tournaments like the Solheim Cup, Phatlum proved her reliability in intense match-play pressure situations. She represented her country in the 2013 and 2015 editions of the competition, showcasing not just the growth of her individual game, but also contributing to the growth of golf in her home country of Thailand.

Phatlum continues to inspire countless young girls, particularly in Thailand, who see her as a symbol of empowerment. The story of a rural Thai girl rising to global fame and success against the odds portrays the idea that dreams can indeed be realized with hard work, passion, and resilience.

No golfer’s career, not even the greats, can be defined by victories alone. Golf, reminiscent of life, is an unpredictable blend of both successes and setbacks. Like life’s undeniable unpredictability, golf too is defined by how one responds to all moments, not just the good ones. Phatlum’s career is characterized by disciplined practice, unyielding competition, constant pressure, and an undying thirst to keep improving.

Her resolve, determination, and ability to bounce back after disappointments mark her as an exceptional golfer, undeniably. However, more than that, she is a remarkable sportswoman, capable of inspiring millions. Pornanong Phatlum continues to etch the path of golfing success, stirring up each tournament she plays, and leaving an indelible mark on the world of golf. Her story of consistent growth, limitless potential, and unquestionable dedication is etched in every shot, every hole, and every tournament.

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