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Nathan Crace

Nathan Crace does not merely design golf courses; he unlocks realms where golf masterpieces are laid exquisitely across the landscape. Intricately weaving the grain of the land into the web of play, Crace’s creations orchestrate a symphony of challenges and leisure­­ – like a painter bringing to life an artwork splashed with vibrant hues of fairways and greens.

Crace’s journey into golf course design began curiously yet serendipitously. A childhood fascination with golf nurtured an unquenchable passion for the sport, a passion that took a curious turn when young Crace began sketching golf course designs. Today, Nathan Crace is a renowned architect in the realm of golf course design and owner of Watermark Golf, a Mississippi-based golf course architecture firm specializing in renovation, master planning, operations, and design.

One of Crace’s distinguishing features as a golf course designer is his fondness for indigenous material usage while crafting his green landscapes. Looking at his portfolio, you’ll find several courses where naturally abundant local resources have been incorporated in the design, echoing the local aesthetic essence and respectfully embracing the environment. By doing so, he creates courses argonauts of golf can explore, each hole unfolding as a new chapter in an unforgettable adventure, all while fostering a sustainable and eco-friendly turf ecosystem.

Furthermore, Crace is known for his detail-oriented approach, each of his courses being a testament to his passion and dedication. From detailed hand-drawn sketches to strategic hole routing, terrain analysis to careful drainage plans, all aspects are meticulously scrutinized. This is true whether updating or renovating an existing course or creating a new one from scratch.

These collective characteristics and his commitment to making golf accessible to everyone have allowed Crace to garner tremendous respect in the industry. His design for the Ole Miss Golf Course, a project encompassing an expansive 18 hole championship course, was lauded for marrying challenge and playability. The course has since established itself as a premier golfing destination in Mississippi.

Another striking example of Crace’s artistry is found in the reinvention of Mississippi State University’s golf course. Known today as the “Mossy Oak Golf Club,” what was once a modest 9-hole course is now a dramatized 18-hole marvel. The transformation represented a confluence of Crace’s pioneering design, the university’s ambition for sports excellence, and the abundant nature gifted by Mississippi’s heartland.

Despite his increasing portfolio of noteworthy assignments, Crace remains a diligent advocate for the soul of the game. He has voiced his dedication to promoting the sport’s spirit, which comes with ensuring fairways are leveled, and access is provided to all interested individuals, irrespective of their economic or societal backgrounds. Crace emphasizes inclusivity and the developmental side of golf, fostering opportunities for young golfers to learn, practice, and fall in love with the sport.

Nathan Crace straddles the worlds of art, science, sport, and nature, with the golfing landscapes borne from his brainchild elegantly uniting all those elements. Each course he threads mirrors a part of Crace, a dedication to golf’s love, a commitment to eco-positivity, and an invitation to every golfing heart to relish the spirit of the sport.

Amid the growing mechanical and commercial sphere of sports, Crace’s ardent passion brings a breath of welcome novelty, reminding the world that the magic of golf lies not merely on sprawling green acres but in the shared spirit of camaraderie and respect for nature that it promotes. Golf courses are beyond mere playgrounds for Crace; they are symphonies waiting to be composed, paintings waiting to be sketched, novels waiting for their plot to unfold one hole at a time. As Nathan Crace continues to sculpt his masterpieces within the heart of Mother Nature’s canvas, he fosters an evolution—one where mankind and nature coexist harmoniously on a shared field of dreams.

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