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Mike Benkusky

After winning both fans’ hearts and critics’ reviews throughout the world of golf, Mike Benkusky firmly established his name as a renowned golf course designer. Best known for his attention to details and passion for making each course a unique masterpiece, Benkusky has grown his reputation through tireless hard work, ingenious designs, and the determination to provide golfers of all ages and abilities a memorable experience.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, a city famous for being a hotbed of architectural masterpieces, Benkusky developed an interest in blending physical landscapes with the artistry of golf course design. It is no surprise that he attended the University of Illinois and achieved a degree in Landscape Architecture. It was this formal training, coupled with his passion for golf, that set him off on an exciting journey in golf course design.

Mike honed his skills under the tutelage of Dick Nugent, a legendary name in golf course architecture. The duo’s collaboration paved the way for some notable courses, including Harbourside International, Oak Grove Golf Club, and The Glen Club. It was a grand start to his career that allowed Mike to witness the evolving nuances in golf course design.

After parting ways with Nugent, Mike founded Benkusky Golf in 2005. Staying true to his approach of intuitive and unique course design, he began redesigning and remodeling golf courses that not only met the changing norms of golf and environmental regulations, but also catered to the diverse needs of golfers. His philosophy of “sustainable design” came into existence, where he aimed to minimize environmental impact while maximizing user experience and utility.

While redesigns like Arlington Lakes Golf Club and Rivermoor Golf Club showcase his prowess in creating something new from the existing, his original designs like Sand Creek Country Club and Valentine Golf Club showcase his ability to envision and create architectural brilliance from scratch. Each work carries the unique Benkusky trademark – a blend of tradition and innovation that makes a round of golf both a physical challenge and a test of strategic skills.

One of Mike’s famous redesigns, the Arlington Lakes Golf Club, received nationwide recognition. After a two-year renovation period, under Mike’s genius, the course transformed into an 18-hole, 90-acre course with an environmentally friendly design. The remodel was lauded for its innovative design, reducing the yardage and implementing six teeing grounds per hole to accommodate different levels of golfers.

Mike Benkusky’s work excels in fostering a sense of community, accessibility, and respect for the environment, a formula that has gained admiration and respect in golf circles. His unwavering commitment to designing golf courses that appeal to multiple facets of the game – the challenge, the beauty, the strategy – has created a lasting legacy.

His understanding of the nuances of golf as a sport, combined with his artistic flair for landscape architecture, helped him fill his canvas, which is the golf course, with awe and marvel, stroke by stroke. His courses reflect his vision to create a unique experience for golfers, embodying the perfect blend of natural beauty, strategic design, and the spirit of the game.

His expertise goes beyond just designing. Knowing the dynamic nature of golf course architecture, Mike emphasizes the need for continuous care and updates for his creations. He remains involved with the courses he designed, embodying the spirit of a true architect who desires to maintain the integrity of his work in course conditions.

In a world where golf course design continues to evolve with the advancement of technology and changing golf dynamics, Mike Benkusky stands tall with his unique combination of passion, innovation, and sustainability. From the fairways to the greens, every design reiterates his mantra of ‘creating unique experiences’, making him a savant of golf course design. Golfers who have had a chance to play his courses would affirm that each of his designs invariably offers something new and thrilling, enriching the golfing experience manifold.

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