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Meg Mallon

A name that’s earned her place in the annals of golfing history, Meg Mallon, born Marguerite Mallon on April 14, 1963, has capably proven herself to be one of the most accomplished professionals in women’s golf. Over the years, Mallon has created a unique niche for herself, stamping her ownership on the greens like few others.

Born and raised in Natick, Massachusetts, the youngest of six children, sports was a staple in the Mallon household. As she honed her love for golf, Mallon’s journey took her to Ohio State University, where she not only polished her skills but also set a path for herself within the sport.

Over her illustrious career in collegiate golf, in which she played from 1982 to 1985, she secured the 1985 North and South Women’s Amateur at Pinehurst. This success served as a launching pad for Mallon’s professional career, as she decided to turn pro in the same year.

Meg Mallon’s trajectory in the professional sphere began humbly at 15th place on the money list in her first season, but from there, her rise was meteoric. Undoubtedly, her crowning achievement came just a few years into her professional career. She announced herself as a potent force on the global stage when she won the LPGA Championship and the U.S. Women’s Open in 1991, an awe-inspiring feat that established her as a household name worldwide.

A unique aspect of Mallon’s style of gameplay was her calmness under pressure. Whether she was lining up a tricky putt or piloting her drive down a narrow fairway, her focus remained unflappable. Her accuracy and consistency, mixed with a sprinkle of flair when needed, carved out a winning formula.

While the U.S. Women’s Open win in 1991 went down in golfing lore, it isn’t her only grandstand moment at the tournament. Thirteen years later, in 2004, at the Orchards Golf Club, Mallon captured her second U.S. Women’s Open title. A 6-under-par final round 65, one of the best rounds in US Women’s Open history, ensured her name was once again etched onto the iconic trophy.

Mallon retired from professional golfing in 2010, leaving an indelible mark on the sport with career highlights that boast of 18 LPGA Tour wins, of which four were Majors. Her prowess on the greens and passion for the sport earned her a well-deserved spot in the World Golf Hall of Fame, as she was inducted in the year 2017.

Off the turf, Meg Mallon was known for her sportsmanship and philanthropy. Her charitable endeavors have benefitted many, from the Fight Against Breast Cancer to the Legacy Golf Project.

Mallon’s impact on golf extends beyond just her achievements. She served on the LPGA Player Directors’ Board and carried the flag for women athletes’ equality. Being openly lesbian, she also led the way to bring more visibility and acceptance for LGBTQ athletes in professional sports.

In retrospect, Meg Mallon’s career is a vivid tapestry of talent, perseverance, grace, and guts. She etched her name into golfing fame with her skill and determination. Her legacy resonates in every fairway, every swing, and every hit to the ball. Looking back, Meg Mallon undoubtedly is one of the most radiant jewels in the crown of women’s golf.

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