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Evan Schiller

Evan Schiller mightn’t be a household name immediately recognizable to every golf enthusiast. Still, within the verdant and strategically intricate world of golf course architecture, he stands as a titan whose work has significantly shaped the landscapes of the sport. A former professional golfer himself, Schiller combines his passion for the game with his keen eye for design and his love for nature to craft golf courses that are beautiful, challenging, and transformative in their experiences.

Although now synonymous with iconic golf landscapes, Schiller’s career in golf began differently, not with sketching hole layouts or planning bunker placements, but with swinging golf clubs professionally. He played golf at the highest level as a professional golfer on various tours worldwide after college, including the Australian PGA Tour and the U.S. PGA Tour. But his interaction with the game of golf transcended just playing. His love for the game evolved into capturing its essence through photography—seeing the golf course in a different yet intimate light, shaping his future career in golf course design.

More than being just a talented player and a profound photographer, Schiller is a dedicated student of the game. Translating his understanding of a golfer’s mind and a player’s needs onto his blueprints, he brings a unique perspective to his design projects. His expertise is conspicuous in his projects, as he ardently believes that a golf course must possess strategic depth and aesthetic appeal to be considered truly successful. This balance of visual allure and strategic complexity is a signature characteristic of his designs.

Evan Schiller has spent over a decade honing his skills as a golf course designer. A number of his courses dotting landscapes across the nation have received recognition and adorned the must-play lists for avid golfers. His heart, though, lies in transforming existing courses, bringing them to modern standards while keeping intact their historical and strategic integrity.

One such transformation project was the redesigning of the Cascades course at the Omni Homestead Resort in Virginia. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it was a project demanding deep reverence for history and a delicate hand to subtly inject modernity. Schiller approached it brilliantly, respecting the legacy of the original design while seamlessly incorporating elements that accentuated the overall aesthetics and strategy of play. His work earned high praise and left the Cascades course boasting a compelling blend of timelessness and modernity.

However, Schiller doesn’t just leverage his professional experience alone. He relies heavily on research, spending countless hours studying historical golf courses and understanding the thought process behind their designs. He gets deeply engrossed in the philosophy and artistry of these traditional designs to help him create golf landscapes that resonate with the past and echo into the future.

Moreover, one of Schiller’s most significant contributions to the world of golf is his insistence on environmentally sustainable design practices. He meticulously integrates his golf course designs into the natural landscape, causing minimal environmental disruption and often elevating the existing biodiversity.

In closing, it’s safe to say that while Evan Schiller’s legacy is already prominent among golf course design circles, his impact on the overall golfing landscape is ongoing and ever-evolving. He remains committed to his craft, creating and recreating, shaping and reshaping golf courses not just to challenge the avid golfer but to create unforgettable experiences and breathtaking views that are as much a part of the game as the hole-in-one or the perfect tee shot. Be it his charm as an accomplished professional golfer, a vivid photographer, or as an insightful designer, Evan Schiller is a master architect painting vivid landscapes of the game, one course at a time.

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