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Elmwood Golf Course

(3 customer reviews)
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Elmwood Golf Course in St. Louis, Missouri, offers a beautiful 18-hole layout designed to challenge golfers of all skill levels. The course features lush fairways, well-manicured greens, and scenic views, making it a prime destination for both casual and serious golfers looking to enjoy a round in a picturesque setting.

3 reviews for Elmwood Golf Course

  1. IronManTony003

    I was kinda hoping to play a quick round at Elmwood and grab a bite at their clubhouse, but got stuck behind a slow group. The staff was understanding and allowed me to replay the hole, which was unexpected and appreciated. Course itself was good, some challenging holes in there.

    Greens Condition: 3/5
    Fairways Condition: 4/5
    Course Layout: 4/5
    Clubhouse Facilities: 3/5
    Customer Service: 4/5
    Pace of Play: 3/5
  2. Carl_the_Golfer

    Rain or shine, Elmwood never disappoints. Sometimes it feels like I’m walking on a carpet when I’m on the fairways – they’re just that good! I wish they could speed up the pace of play a tiny bit, but overall, it’s a delightful course. Just avoid the sand traps – they’re nastier than my ex-wife! Oh, and be sure to stop by the clubhouse. They make a mean Arnold Palmer.

    Greens Condition: 4/5
    Fairways Condition: 5/5
    Course Layout: 4/5
    Clubhouse Facilities: 4/5
    Customer Service: 4/5
    Pace of Play: 3/5
  3. JohnnieDimpleBall

    Lov the couse. Beautiful place. Nice sdaf. 😁👍🏌️‍♂️

    Greens Condition: 5/5
    Fairways Condition: 5/5
    Course Layout: 5/5
    Clubhouse Facilities: 5/5
    Customer Service: 5/5
    Pace of Play: 5/5
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