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Bruce Devlin

Bruce Devlin – a name that resonates with determination, dedication, and sheer talent in the realm of golf. With eight wins on the PGA Tour, four on the Australian Tour, and two on the Champions Tour, to call him just an accomplished golfer would be an understatement. His diverse and illustrious career spans the descriptors of professional golfer, golf course designer, and commentator, making Devlin a multi-faceted figure in the world of golf.

Born on October 10, 1937, in Armidale, Australia, Bruce Devlin picked a golf club at a young age and developed an impactful relationship with the sport that would define his life. His early devotion to the game led him to his first professional win in 1960 at the Ampol Open, and his career trajectory continued to ascend from there.

Devlin, being a representative figure of Australian golf, embarked on his international career in America in the early 1960s. He became a striking force on the PGA Tour, coloring his career with eight championship victories. His wins included the climactic Buick Open Invitational in 1964, Cleveland Open Invitational in 1965, and the Houston Champions International in 1972.

His significant achievement was during the 1972 Masters Tournament. Devlin etched his name in history during the tournament’s first-round, where he hit a fantastic ball on the par-3 16th hole to record the first televised hole-in-one in Masters history. It was a flash of brilliance that demonstrated not only his skill but also his propensity for performing under pressure.

Advancing in years did not slow Bruce down – his stellar career took another turn when he embarked on golf course architecture. In a partnership with renowned American golf course designer Robert Von Hagge, Devlin has helped design more than 150 golf courses worldwide. His visionary concepts can be seen dotted across the landscapes in the United States, Europe, Japan, the Caribbean, and Australia, showcasing his profound understanding of the game from an architectural angle.

Adding to his credits, Devlin’s contribution as a commentator for ESPN and Australia’s Channel 9 cannot be overlooked. His analytical mind, coupled with his profound expertise in golf, made him a favorite among viewers. As a commentator, he was able to take viewers inside the game, sharing invaluable insights that could only come from a golfing maestro such as Devlin.

Charity work has also been a large part of Devlin’s life. His philanthropic efforts included setting up the Devlin Foundation. Through this platform, he contributed significantly to various causes, including education and youth development programs within the game of golf. His efforts demonstrate his dedication to advancing the sport for future generations.

In 2016, Devlin’s relentless dedication to golf was recognized officially when he was inducted into the Texas Golf Hall of Fame. An honor unquestionably deserved, considering his decades-long career invested in playing, designing, and speaking about the sport he loves.

Devlin’s story is not merely about tournaments won or courses designed. It speaks of a lifelong love for the game. From his early days in the New South Wales town of Armidale in Australia, to the greens of Augusta and beyond, Bruce Devlin’s love for golf has never wavered. It is this passion that has made him not just an accomplished golfer, but also an ambassador of the sport, sharing his knowledge, wisdom, and love for golf with millions around the world.

In examining the life and career of Bruce Devlin, the golfer’s maxim of ‘drive for show, putt for dough’ stands paramount. Beyond his committed stance, precision, and skill, his journey tells us that what matters most is an unyielding passion for the game, an intrinsic drive to do better, and an unwavering commitment to the art of golf.

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