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Andy Staples

The realm of golf course design is laden with an eclectic mix of talents from diverse backgrounds, each wielding a unique perspective on the game they love. One such architect making significant waves in this sphere is Andy Staples. A passionate golfer and dedicated environmentalist, Staples has managed to carve out a niche for himself within this competitive industry, setting a remarkable precedent for future golf course designers.

Born and raised in Michigan, Staples spent much of his youth on the green, eventually pursuing a degree in Landscape Architecture from Michigan State University. His formal education combined with his lifelong passion for golf led him to where he is today – one of the industry’s most sought-after designers with a particular flair for sustainable golf course design.

Staples’ work has always been marked by his commitment to the environment and sustainability. He is the founder and president of Staples Golf Design, a firm committed to delivering on the sustainability promise for golf. Recognizing the impact that traditional golf course construction and maintenance can have on the earth, Staples has dedicated his career to minimize this impact. He is widely known in the industry for his firm’s unique “Community Links” approach – a model that structures courses to fit neatly within their surrounding ecosystems and local communities.

Staples has crafted some notable golf courses across the United States. His works are renowned for their integration into the local topography, allowing the landscape to illustrate the course’s natural beauty. Among his most appreciated projects is Meadowbrook Country Club in Northville, Michigan. Staples’ design not only accommodated the course’s diverse topography but also focused on improving the existing landscape. His environmental centric approach meant that almost all of the removed trees were mulched and reused in the construction process.

Another praiseworthy work in Staples’ portfolio is the Rockwind Community Links in Hobbs, New Mexico. This course was designed according to Staples’ community links concept and serves as a community park with running and biking trails open to the public. The design of this golf course, encompassing a community park, led to its being named the ‘National Golf Course of the Year’ by the National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA) in 2017, one of the many accolades to Staples’ name.

Such creations are a testament to his forward-thinking attitude and demonstrate his dedication to promoting sustainable practices in the industry. Staples has rightfully earned a reputation as a leading advocate for sustainable golf course design, drawing attention to a pressing issue while paving the way for future golf course architects to follow in his footsteps.

But his commendable work doesn’t stop at design. Staples is also active in promoting golf as a lifestyle, often speaking at public events and conferences to expound on the virtues of the sport and its relationship with nature. With a clear ability to engender enthusiasm for golf and environmental sustainability among both professionals and enthusiasts alike, it’s no surprise that Staples is a sought-after pundit in the world of golf course design.

However, never resting on his laurels, Staples’ commitment to the environment led him to publish an innovative industry guide titled “An Environmental Approach to Golf Course Development.” This guide provides useful information to developers, operators, and regulatory officials about golf’s relationship with the environment, reinforcing his unfaltering commitment to eco-friendly golf course design.

In conclusion, Andy Staples is a pioneer, pushing the golf course design industry to new frontiers. Inspiring, innovative, and influential, he moves across this traditional landscape like a breath of fresh air, leaving a trail of sustainable golf courses for future generations to enjoy and learn from. Through his works, he shows us how golf can enhance the environment, value our resources, and be an asset to the communities that surround these courses. For any avid golfer or future golf course designer, the work and philosophy of Andy Staples provide an ideal template to follow.

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